It's a Crazy World

If you don't believe me, read the news. Since American news is deeply parochial, when not plain bad, I graze foreign rags. The Internet makes this possible—and relatively easy.

This isn't a complete portal, merely pages I return to most. I like linking to multiple political slants, especially in regions with conflicts.


Associated Press or Reuters
International Herald Tribune
World News Network
World Tribune
Indy Media Center


Arizona Daily Star
Washington Post
New York Times
Los Angeles Times
San Francisco Chronicle
Voice of America (official propaganda)
Google News
C-News (Canada)
Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Mexico Daily
Latin American Post

Europe & Africa

The Economist (UK)
Telegraph (London)
Independent (London)
Guardian (Manchester)
Irish Times (Dublin)
Belfast Telegraph
Moscow Times
Independent (Johannesburg)
Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

Asia & Pacifica

Ha'aretz (Jerusalem)
Jerusalem Post
Bitter Lemons
Al-Bawaba Palestine
Arab News (Saudi)
Beirut Daily Star
Iran Daily (Tehran)
The Nation (Pakistan)
Dawn (Karachi)
Indian Express
Times of India (New Delhi)
Asia Observer
Phnom Penh Post
Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo)
Australian Broadcasting Corp.
The Australian
Canberra Times


The Antarctic Sun
The Antarctican
Big Dead Place
Polar News
70 South


News and Newspapers Online
Online Newspapers
News Directory
Escape Artist

Important Things

The Onion
Online Comics
Daily News Haikus
Arts & Letters Daily
Arts Journal Digest
News of the Weird
Obscure Reading Room
World Weather News


Working for Change
Behind the News
Common Dreams
Stratfor Analysis
News Dissector
Daily Howler


SciTech Daily Review
Economist Science News
Nature Science Update
Science News Online
New Scientist News
BBC Sci/Tech News
Scientific American
World Scientist
Science Blogs
Science Blog
Physics News Update
Physics Review Focus
Dome of the Sky
Universe Today
Space News
Space Daily


BBC World Service (Real)
BBC Hourly News (Real)
NPR Programs
Language Box
World Radio Network