The Weather Out There

Links are for my home, Tucson, AZ, USA. However, many pages link to national and international weather, so may be useful to anyway.

Looking Forward

The complete Tucson forecast and discussion from NWS Tucson; the Clear-Sky Clock; forecast charts and maps from the NWS; the 4-day forecast from COLA; and the CRAS forecast from CIMSS.


Latest observations at the Tucson airport and UAz. Current temperatures for SW USA and the world.

Doppler radar for Tucson, more Tucson, still more Tucson, as well as local, and national precipitation totals. Wildfire alerts, news, information, and satellite photos for USA and monitoring for the world.

Satellite images from MODIS, GOES, et cetera. Global satellite image. Complete graphics from the real-time data center and


Tucson weather from Arizona Daily Star, Weather Underground, Weather Channel, AccuWeather, Unisys, and IntelliCast.

Current USA storm advisories. Atlantic and East Pacific storm forecasts and images from the NWS, info from Intellicast, and predictions from CIMSS. Safety guides for storm spotters and storm chasers. The basics of Arizona monsoons.

World weather news. Earthweek. And finally, significant and cool weather pictures.