Words of One Beat

This is a page in words of one beat. "What's this?" I all but hear you ask. Folks have asked to know more of our game more than once, so here's the FAQ that tells you this and the rules we play by. The game has been played here and there, first in dead boards and now in a group on L.J.


Works we've turned to words of one beat. The list goes from old to new. Those not marked were done by me, L.N. Ham.

And here are some works in words of one beat from the first:

  • Chid Tich Brook: Death Verse
  • Esth Bake Well: The Book of One Beats
  • Jean S. Rem.: Lives of Head Men Told in Words of One Beat
  • Tom Who Mills: Eve
  • P. Kate Marm: "When I was young (but three and ten)"
  • L.N. Ham.: Childe's Play

If you have a work, your own or one you've made good, that you'd like me to post here, send it to me.