Larry's Former Pretty Good Web Log

Archive of the running log of links (not to be confused with my blog) I added to my pretty good pages in 2001.

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31 Dec 01 - More roots, from the Quaker History Archives. (religion)

30 Dec 01 - Sometimes, when links are validated, they disappear not because they're 404, but because they've been discarded. (research)

Certain replacements: You can TutorialFind or you can Find Tutorials. Watch where you're counting with the Math Atlas. (research)

29 Dec 01 - Coo at the National Geographic photo of the day. Groove to the tunes from Classical FM. (fluff)

28 Dec 01 - Find a painting in the Artchive. (research)

27 Dec 01 - Places to begin when looking for math: the sci.math FAQ and Math Pages. For inspiration, have a random math quote. Or just get totally tessellated. (science)

21 Dec 01 - When you find ten 404 links, it's been too long since you last validated the page. (fluff)

Antarctic news from 70 South. (news)

20 Dec 01 - A JavaScript reference manual and a basic primer, plus a script archive. (