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Archive of the running log of links (not to be confused with my blog) I added to my pretty good pages in 2001.

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31 Dec 01 - More roots, from the Quaker History Archives. (religion)

30 Dec 01 - Sometimes, when links are validated, they disappear not because they're 404, but because they've been discarded. (research)

Certain replacements: You can TutorialFind or you can Find Tutorials. Watch where you're counting with the Math Atlas. (research)

29 Dec 01 - Coo at the National Geographic photo of the day. Groove to the tunes from Classical FM. (fluff)

28 Dec 01 - Find a painting in the Artchive. (research)

27 Dec 01 - Places to begin when looking for math: the sci.math FAQ and Math Pages. For inspiration, have a random math quote. Or just get totally tessellated. (science)

21 Dec 01 - When you find ten 404 links, it's been too long since you last validated the page. (fluff)

Antarctic news from 70 South. (news)

20 Dec 01 - A JavaScript reference manual and a basic primer, plus a script archive. (research)

The Stick Figure Death Theater. I still hope it happens to you. (goth)

19 Dec 01 - The particle physics picture of the week. (science)

18 Dec 01 - Don't know what to read next? Let the Book Forager help you decide. (fluff)

17 Dec 01 - International-oriented news sources: the World News Network (compiled out of New York) and the World Tribune (written in Washington, DC). Better than Frontpage for top stories is Moreover. (news)

16 Dec 01 - Atlantic storm forecasts and images. Plus: the significant daily weather pictures. (weather)

15 Dec 01 - Dead pages and stupid gits. More things to say "Feh!" to. (goth)

A decent HTML tutorial. (research)

14 Dec 01 - Where's the dark sky nearest you? (science)

13 Dec 01 - For a more targeted search, try these specialized search engines. The US State Department keeps a list (updated daily) of independent states of the world. (research)

Listen to news from NPR or around the world from Language Box. Get news from independent sources from Indy Media Center. Catch up on politicking with REALpolitik and sciencing with Moreover. (news)

12 Dec 01 - Yet another molecule of the month. (science)

Resources for art history, clinical practice, and law in plain english. (research)

11 Dec 01 - Sometimes, you need to know what the aurora are doing now. Sometimes you need to Shannonize a web page. No shame in either. (fluff)

Inexplicably, I'd no links to the sites I graze for needed shareware/freeware. Remedy:, Simtel, and NoNags for shares, sweetcode, Freeware Home, and Pricelessware for frees. (research)

10 Dec 01 - It may be geared toward reporters, but this First Amendment Handbook is also useful for the rest of us. (politics)

9 Dec 01 - A slightly more up-to-date source of virus hoax links. (research)

Find where you're going with Oddens' map portal. (outside)

8 Dec 01 - What's in your prescription? Ask RxList,, or Drug InfoNet. And for that matter, find out what your doctor didn't tell you at MedLine and InteliHealth. (research)

7 Dec 01 - The official records of the U.S. Electoral College. (politics)

The Consumer Information Center (yes, the one in Pueblo, CO) has a web site with all their useful information. Meanwhile, Snopes has all you need to know about urban legends. (research)

6 Dec 01 - Yet another random web page. Did the world really need this? (fluff)

What happened on this day in Supreme Court history. Yes, someone really maintains it. (politics)

5 Dec 01 - About the games people play. (science)

4 Dec 01 - Since there's a FAQ for everything, I shouldn't be surprised there's one for nuclear weapons. (research)

3 Dec 01 - If you're looking, here's a small Quaker FAQ, a reader's guide to the Old Testament, and the Greek Myth Link. (religion)

2 Dec 01 - Explore connections between parts of science at Serendip. (science)

1 Dec 01 - Random news, random page, random GeoCities page, random buzzword bingo card. (fluff)

30 Nov 01 - More ways to waste time: dots, mancala, torus games, plus all the stuff in the Interactive Fiction Archive. (fluff)

29 Nov 01 - The Library of Congress has portals to the world we live in. Learn how to tie knots with these animations. Learn how things work. (research)

28 Nov 01 - Sometimes, ya just gotta have a random math fact. (science)

27 Nov 01 - The sociology of death. (science)

26 Nov 01 - The criminals of old were just as annoying as today's. (goth)

25 Nov 01 - Find out where it is out there with Brian's Space Hotlist. (research)

24 Nov 01 - Welcome to the planets; beyond them is the Kuiper belt and the nearest stars. Get started watching the sky. Collect solar images from all over. Warning: Some near-earth objects are dangerous. Keep up with the latest Mars Odyssey news. (science)

23 Nov 01 - Some people get cranky over relativity; some people just simulate it. If the sci.astro FAQ can't answer your question, ask an astronomer at Lick, astronomer at Cornell, Dr. SOHO, or Mr. Sunspot. (science)

22 Nov 01 - News from Tehran from the Iran Reporter. (news)

21 Nov 01 - Beefier chemistry links, part II: A heaping pile of resources. More lingo--from orgo. Learn all about NMR, and then practice it. If you can't ID that (potentially hazardous) compound in orgo lab, try plugging your numbers into this analyzer. Marvel at the second law of thermodynamics. Make all the nucleotides. (science)

Spillover into research: chemistry resources and all the isotopes. (research)

20 Nov 01 - Beefier chemistry links, part I: Atoms make molecules, which are tabulated in this library and database and sometimes rendered. Learn more with this basic but thorough, this intermediate, or these other textbooks. Sling the lingo with a general glossary or two. For more help, ask a chemist named Antoine. More to come, so stay tuned! (science)

19 Nov 01 - Before heading into the wilderness, if you don't have the time buy the right topo map, at least print one out. (outside)

18 Nov 01 - Every day, something new: Mars Daily, the sky watcher's diary, the Chambers brothers' Book of Days. (fluff)

Don't buy all those books of charts--use one of these freeware RPGs. (fluff)

17 Nov 01 - Free fonts from DsgnHaus or other places in this annotated directory. (type)

16 Nov 01 - He's odd. She's even. They fight crime! (fluff)

Latin dictionary, Latin comparative grammar, Latin teaching materials, Latin tutorials, Latin software, Latin names, and Latin drills, drills, drills. You'd think I like the stuff. (fluff)

15 Nov 01 - The day this was created is remembered as a disaster. (goth)

Geek out! Find where everything in the solar system is with the universal ephemeris and where every work of science fiction is with the ISFDB. (research)

Speaking of which, geeks are evil. (goth)

14 Nov 01 - One of the more exciting fields in astronomy--even more than refining our cosmology--is the search for Earthlike planets. (science)

Descent: from stars to starlets. (plain brown wrappers)

13 Nov 01 - Watch for daily good stuff from Political Site of the Day. Get the lowdown on worldwide legal systems at Library of Congress and Pitt. Oink at the porker of the week. Gnash your teeth at the Media Whores Online. Retreat into hypochondria with fast facts from the Centers for Disease Control. (politics)

12 Nov 01 - Find news around the world at RocketNews. Find news sources around the world at Aileena. Find progressive news of the world at Common Dreams. Find space news from beyond the world at Dome of the Sky. (news)

11 Nov 01 - Webtoys: A (possibly better) magnetic poetry applet and the simple but addictive game of SF Cave. (fluff)

Not only are there interesting deserts to go to, there are many interesting ways to get there. (outside)

9 Nov 01 - When Google started up, it replaced AltaVista as my first choice search engine. With the latter not indexing the web for four months, it's time to give it up entirely. Its replacement: Teoma, nearly as fast and helpful as Google. (research)

Also added: Maporama--like MapQuest, only the whole world. Find out from Hoaxbusters whether that email's for real. (research)

Learn letterforms at Counterspace. Gather freeware faces from FontFace and the Dingbat Pages. (type)

8 Nov 01 - Oh, and they're dysfunctional, too. Bleagh. (goth)

Reports from the Cultural Profiles Project on countries worldwide. (research)

7 Nov 01 - In case you hadn't noticed, the Web's full of useless, half-baked, wicked, weird, and just plain bad stuff, put up by losers and hypocrites and 'tards. It's enough to make you depressed. Not that you care. (goth)

6 Nov 01 - Further varieties of religious experience: An excellent collection of primary source texts about and images of the Greek gods. What happens when a skeptic annotates the Bible. An introduction to pantheism. All the Catholic saints. (religion)

Squicked out by dissections? Take a virtual biology lab instead! (science)

5 Nov 01 - Still more space science from that cache: Explore the interstellar medium in depth. Poke about various nebulae. Search for more extrasolar planets--or just through astrophysical web sites. (science)

Current Tucson forecast from AccuWeather. (weather)

R.I.P.: The Random House Dictionary Maven's Word of the Day. (gone from fluff)

4 Nov 01 - Still more math: The constants and equations page. Cut the knot with miscellaneous math puzzles. Introductions on understanding math and to fractals. Topics in number theory. An updated URL for MathForum. A list of advanced math links by subject. Is your birthday in pi? Is your name? (science)

A better page on stellar evolution. (science)

3 Nov 01 - Still more bioscience, from yet another cache of bookmarks: How to measure social inequality. Links to biology textbooks. Resources for studying fossil pollen, insects, bugs, and microbes. Pages on trilobites, echinoids, and cephalopods. (science)

Knot a braid of weekly math links. (fluff)

2 Nov 01 - Use the research resources at RefTools. Find out what's going on Behind the News. Analyze historic US census data. Search the Library of Congress copyright database. (research)

More bioscience: social science links on kinship, class, borders, territory, old street games, game theory and economics, semiotics for beginners, and ancient scripts of the world. Plus an interactive human cadaver. (science)

The aurora australis link given 26 Oct 01 404ed in two days--here's a replacement. (science)

1 Nov 01 - Four out of five elementary school teachers agree: they don't want their students discovering Roget's Profanisaurus. Meanwhile, searching for this replacement (after the contraction of list of Latin resources led me to this nifty Intelligent Person's Guide to Latin, subtitled "A Commonsense Approach to a Fossilized Code." (fluff)

How money works. (politics)

31 Oct 01 - A random horoscope, served to order. (fluff)

30 Oct 01 - The information given by this gazetteer of world (non-U.S.) places is usefully extensive. If the University of Texas Map Library doesn't have the current or historical map you need, they've got links to thems that probably do.

29 Oct 01 - Added while validating bioscience links: Explore nature and world history. Watch out for all those prickly cacti. Study a biophysics textbook. Find biology resources with MedBot search engine. Look up dead plants, hominids, or medical terms. Work out the human genome. Learn every plant name and family for scholarship or gardening. Branch through taxonomy. Dissect your kinship and class. (science)

A second medical dictionary. (research)

28 Oct 01 - The works of Bach. (fluff)

27 Oct 01 - Extra earthy science: a better chemistry tutorial, global seismic hazards, another minerals site, more crystallography, and all about soil and sand. (science)

Another satellite aurora image. (fluff)

26 Oct 01 - Things added while validating terrestrial science links: Click the map for recent earthquakes around the world. Learn about minerals and then morph them. Get into space. Watch the aurora australis. Groove to those funky superconductors. Get down with the periodic table of poetry. Boogy past the standard model of particle physics to string theory. Try to build a perpetual motion machine. Be logical--avoid fallacies. Refresh your memory of basic math; for further help, ask Dr. Math or crawl through MathSearch. If you're really ambitious, work on the unsolved problems of mathematics. Follow all sorts of links about primes. Apply probability to gambling. Download too many digits of pi. Why, no, I don't think I've been waiting too long to update things--why do you ask? (science)

Still more space science: an intro to radio astronomy and an orbit calculator. If only Peter Pater hadn't lost his. (science)

Next to eblots, it's the gallery of random art. (fluff)

25 Oct 01 - A replacement source for GOES current images that includes other useful data as well. (weather)

Extra space science: beyond the Drake equation. (science)

24 Oct 01 - Things added while validating space science links: Play around with nucleosynthesis during the big bang. Learn about dark matter. Explore the powers of 10 from quarks to quasars. Take a peek at two types of dwarf galaxies. Graze on a nifty handbook of astronomy and astrophysics. Read about the constellations. Find the astronomical catalog you need. Look at still more NGC object pictures. Learn more about our solar system. Gaze at our visible Earth. Find the various minor planets. Catch up on near-earth object news while worrying about the history of collisions. (science)

23 Oct 01 - eblots: "cut rate internet therapy." (fluff)

Bits of Latin: a second dictionary and a useful list of case endings. (fluff)

A whole lot of language links from Omniglot. (research)

22 Oct 01 - How to be evil on a budget. (goth)

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