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30 Dec 06 · · The Electronic Canterbury Tales, now with added Troilus and Criesyde. (added to fluff)

29 Dec 06 · · If you want to use a slide rule but don't actually have one, don't worry—there's these simulators. (added to science)

28 Dec 06 · · Get random words fast ... fast like a ninja. (added to fluff)

27 Dec 06 · · "Beware the logical fallacy, my son! / The flaws that bite, the clauses that catch!" (added to science)

26 Dec 06 · · One last religion link for this round of updates: Bible Study Tools. (added to religion)

25 Dec 06 · · The helpful forums at the Origami Database. (added to origami)

24 Dec 06 · · How far can you hurl things with a virtual siege engine? Take the Treb Challenge and find out. (added to fluff)

23 Dec 06 · · The grammar of Knot a Braid of Links seems a bit wonky: it's a description, not a command. (added to science)

22 Dec 06 · · More things that get folded: napkins! (added to origami)

21 Dec 06 · · Why stick to your local news when you can read from a random newspaper from around the world? (added to fluff)

20 Dec 06 · · I give up. Rather than link to all the different Bible browsing sites out there, I'll just let Virtual Christianity do it for me. (added to religion)

19 Dec 06 · · Daily News Haikus may not be quite as good as the late, lamented Headline Haikus, but I'll take any substitute I can get. (added to news)

18 Dec 06 · · Okay, one more chemistry glossary. Because it is such a complicated subject. (added to science)

17 Dec 06 · · Fold your own (decorative) envelopes. (added to origami)

16 Dec 06 · · For U.S. writers and journalists, a First Amendment Handbook. (added to research)

15 Dec 06 · · As advertised: skb list o' nifty words. (added to fluff)

14 Dec 06 · · Quality links to Biblical studies sites, with an emphasis on the second half. (added to religion)

13 Dec 06 · · Quality links to recreational math sites. (added to science)

12 Dec 06 · · How many modular models can you make? (added to origami)

11 Dec 06 · · Changing links to here or there. (added to fluff)

10 Dec 06 · · Another source for GEOS weather satellite images. (added to weather)

9 Dec 06 · · Sometimes you need a really fast dictionary ... fast like a ninja. (added to research)

8 Dec 06 · · A nice explanation of dark matter and why we're looking for it. (added to science)

7 Dec 06 · · The Ethereal Library collects heaploads of Bible translations, commentary, and references, all cross-referenced by passage. (added to religion)

6 Dec 06 · · TypoWiki has a number of type design how-tos. (added to type)

5 Dec 06 · · Another linklist of Internet resources in literature. Because, of course, you don't have anything else taking up your time online. (added to fluff)

4 Dec 06 · · With Pepakura Designer, you can create the pattern of a paper model from data from any standard 3D CG program. (added to origami)

3 Dec 06 · · Isn't it about time to admit that I read Slate every so often? I thought so. (added to news)

2 Dec 06 · · Come on, boys and girls, let's build model Stirling engines! (added to science)

1 Dec 06 · · For the NWS's Doppler radar for Tucson, might as well link to the source instead of someone else's site. (added to weather)

30 Nov 06 · · "InfoMine is a virtual library of Internet resources relevant to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level." (added to research)

29 Nov 06 · · This scan may be blatant copyright violation, but The Unstrung Harp; or, Mr Earbrass Writes a Novel is still the only writing book you'll ever need. (added to fluff)

28 Nov 06 · · A possibly useful reader's guide to the New Testament. I'd prefer something online, rather than a list of books, but liberal Christian writings are underrepresented on the 'net. (added to religion)

27 Nov 06 · · David Lister has several essays on the history and aesthetics of origami. (added to origami)

26 Nov 06 · · A list of unsolved problems of mathematics, in case you want to take a crack at them. (added to science)

25 Nov 06 · · Daily news from south of the border: Mexico Daily. More a news portal than a newspaper in itself, but still. (added to news)

24 Nov 06 · · Did I know that Earthweek is available online as well as in the newspaper? (added to weather)

23 Nov 06 · · Need to know how to cuss in Latin? Wikipedia's got you covered. (added to fluff)

22 Nov 06 · · Keep track of us with the U.S. POPClock. (added to research)

21 Nov 06 · · More skeptical commentary: The Dark Bible, focusing on dubious morality. (added to religion)

20 Nov 06 · · A usefully simplified summary of the standard model of particle physics. (added to science)

19 Nov 06 · · Good luck keeping the names of The Origami Database and the Origami Model Diagram Database straight. (added to origami)

18 Nov 06 · · The folks over at Seed sponsor a heaping pile of Science Blogs. (added to news)

17 Nov 06 · · "Once upon a time, a random fairytale generator lived all alone on the Internet." (added to fluff)

16 Nov 06 · · Relevant only for a couple more weeks this season, but it's the East Pacific storm forecasts. (added to weather)

15 Nov 06 · · Librarian's Internet Index: "websites you can trust." (added to research)

14 Nov 06 · · Several collections of chemistry instructional materials. (added to science)

13 Nov 06 · · The fun part of linking to bits of Norse myths is pointing to translations of the various sagas and eddas. (added to religion)

12 Nov 06 · · Origami-L has an exhaustive list of suppliers of gami-goods. Now with added Google maps! (added to origami)

11 Nov 06 · · Compare TEAMS Middle English Texts to the Medieval & Classical Library. Go on—we have the time. (added to fluff)

10 Nov 06 · · Escape Artist press and media links offers "international media for a wider global perspective." (added to news)

9 Nov 06 · · The latest weather observations from around Arizona. (added to weather)

8 Nov 06 · · The history of math is fascinating. For ex, check out this list of the first uses of various mathematical symbols. Are the intarwebs great or what? (added to science)

7 Nov 06 · · An election day link to the Center for Public Integrity. (added to politics)

6 Nov 06 · · Social sciences links from Intute. (added to research)

1 Nov 06 · · Random poetry can be as original as haiku or as pathetic as doggerel. (added to fluff)

31 Oct 06 · · "Religious Worlds is an information source for religion, religions, religious studies." (added to religion)

30 Oct 06 · · Gilad Aharoni reviews origami books from around the world. (added to origami)

29 Oct 06 · · Earth, as you can see, is a dynamic planet. (added to science)

28 Oct 06 · · The oddly punctuated LatinAmerican Post—in English. (added to news)

27 Oct 06 · · LSU has a useful Federal Agencies Directory. (added to politics)

26 Oct 06 · · Digital Book Index requires a free registration, but it seems to be harmless and gets you a huge index of electronic editions, both free and commercial. (added to fluff)

Bonus: "Some One" by Walt de la Mare, as done by Kip W. (new in words of one beat)

25 Oct 06 · · Gear lists for hiking and backpacking. (added to outside)

24 Oct 06 · · The Global Fire Monitoring Center. (added to weather)

23 Oct 06 · · The fun of Fibonacci numbers and their forgeries. (added to science)

22 Oct 06 · · The linkfarm that is Martindale's Virtual Physics Center. (added to research)

21 Oct 06 · · Where Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is right now. (added to fluff)

20 Oct 06 · · Got time for a molecule of the day? (added to science)

19 Oct 06 · · Quaker theology resources. Quaker universalist publications. Two Friends for the price of one, or something like that. (added to religion)

18 Oct 06 · · A local feed of the Associated Press wire. (added to news)

17 Oct 06 · · Despite their reputation, some pop starlets are actually quite smart. Some can even explain semiconductor physics like a professional. (added to science)

16 Oct 06 · · The U.S. government's official propaganda now comes in RSS feeds. Ain't technology grand? (added to politics)

15 Oct 06 · · Animal Diversity Web has decent descriptions of a fairly diverse range of critters. (added to science)

14 Oct 06 · · I like pi. So do all these sites. (added to research)

13 Oct 06 · · If you've seen the early photos, you know the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter mission has some hella cool stuff going on. (added to science)

12 Oct 06 · · Another list of online books of Faith and Practice. (added to religion)

11 Oct 06 · · Since I do read it every so often, a link to the San Francisco Chronicle. (added to news)

10 Oct 06 · · A physics encyclopedia. (added to science)

9 Oct 06 · · The U.S. legal code and what was passed when. Happy Monday! (added to politics)

8 Oct 06 · · The WWWorld of Archaeology. Linky-linky! (added to science)

7 Oct 06 · · The American Dietetic Association's collection of nutrition information. (added to research)

6 Oct 06 · · A vast heap of unsorted sundial links. (added to science)

5 Oct 06 · · The Intermountain Yearly Meeting has a draft of its own Faith and Practice. Probably of interest only to people attending unprogrammed Quaker Meetings in the southern Rocky Mountains. (added to religion)

4 Oct 06 · · Sand really is a world of its own. A pretty world. (added to science)

3 Oct 06 · · Catching up with standards: JavaScript is now formally ECMAScript, and here's the specifications. (added to research)

2 Oct 06 · · StarClock is a sweet little stellar evolution simulator. PC only, though. (added to science)

1 Oct 06 · · One last collection of random name generators. Because they're better than the average bear's. (added to fluff)

30 Sep 06 · · The Abacus has a tutorial on calculating with beads, including a simulator. (added to science)

29 Sep 06 · · A clean and simple HTML tutorial. (added to research)

28 Sep 06 · · Two similar but complimentary explanations of dark matter. (added to science)

27 Sep 06 · · Time for an extensively multicultural random name generator. (added to fluff)

26 Sep 06 · · for all your anthropology on the 'net needs. (added to research)

25 Sep 06 · · How to train yourself to become a theoretical physicist. In case you wanted to. (added to science)

24 Sep 06 · · Biiible is like Gooogle for your Bible. Needs a few more i's though. (added to religion)

23 Sep 06 · · You never know when you'll need a random girl's name. Also comes in a boy version. (added to fluff)

22 Sep 06 · · Two overlapping but separate portals of links: Classics Resources and Electronic Resources for Classicists. (added to research)

20 Sep 06 · · Congresspedia is a wiki about the members of the U.S. Congress. (added to politics)

19 Sep 06 · · Intute has a pretty good portal of arts and humanities links. (added to research)

18 Sep 06 · · Wiktionary has finally gotten it together enough to have a word of the day. And so far, they haven't been lame. (added to fluff)

17 Sep 06 · · The New York Times has a pretty good portal of links in their Health Navigator. (added to research)

16 Sep 06 · · "It's about cats. And kittens. Who like sinks. And basins." (added to fluff)

13 Sep 06 · · Find a nearby North American Meeting of the Society of Friends with Quaker Finder. (added to religion)

9 Sep 06 · · eConsultant has really good collections of links to freeware utilities and open source utilities. (added to research)

5 Sep 06 · · Shop at indie bookstores with Booksense. No, I don't know why I hadn't linked before. Aside from, I thought I already had. (added to fluff)

4 Sep 06 · · A replacement page of copyright resources. (added to research)

3 Sep 06 · · This random castle widget sometimes tosses a 404, but often enough, yup, that's a castle website. (added to fluff)

27 Aug 06 · · There are words of the day, and there are random random words, but there's only one random word of the day. Or if there's more, I want to know about it. (added to fluff)

31 Jul 06 · · Need a quick English title for your shoujo manga or anime? Here you go. (added to fluff)

22 Jul 06 · · New in the One Beat Book of Verse: "To Steal a Child" by Will Yeats, as done by Kip W. (added to words of one beat)

9 Jul 06 · · I now officially regret that, in attempting to collect every single antarctic webcam, I overlooked the north pole webcam. (added to fluff)

26 Jun 06 · · How I managed to overlook linking to a random Wikipedia article, I have no idea. (added to fluff)

24 Jun 06 · · More shameless self-promotions: (1) My story "Paul Bunyan and the Photocopier" has been podcast by Escape Pod. Listen to a tall tale of corporate America -- for free. (2) If you'd prefer some smutty Latin verse, Rhymes for Adults is now out and ready for ordering. (added to verse)

31 May 06 · · Ever wonder what the 'Net would look like with everyone's gender swapped? Thanks to Regender, you no longer have to. (added to fluff)

21 May 06 · · Need a good collection of interesting and fun links? Don't worry, In4mador! is here. (added to fluff)

18 May 06 · · Seems like all I update is shameless self-promotion, doesn't it. This time it's "Seven Translations from the Priapea" will be in a chapbook anthology called Rhymes for Adults. More links soon, I think. (added to verse)

30 Apr 06 · · One last admin note: forgot to mention that the RSS for this log also moved, to Now, hopefully, back to the linkage.

29 Apr 06 · · Admin note: my new home has been found: I'll be setting up forwarding and so on Real Soon Now, but now's not too soon to start updating bookmarks.

5 Apr 06 · · Admin note: my host has informed me that the service will be going away in about a month, so I'll need to move my pages (and change the email I've used for a decade). I'll post a note when I get the new space in place.

24 Mar 06 · · Continuing shameless self-promotion: Abyss & Apex will be publishing "Beasts of Elfland." (added to verse)

14 Mar 06 · · Information about Mythic volume 1, which will contain another story poem of mine, "Pygmalion's Marriage." (added to verse)

2 Mar 06 · · Another unintentional omission: I thought I'd already linked to WebSudoku, but I hadn't. Oops. (added to fluff)

1 Mar 06 · · It's hard to resist another paper airplane site, even if it is called (which my spellchecker wants to change to "bespatter"). (added to origami)

28 Feb 06 · · Treemaker is Robert Lang's wicked origami model design assist software. (added to origami)

25 Feb 06 · · One Billion Mazes desperately needs a random maze function. Just sayin'. (added to fluff)

24 Feb 06 · · Thanks to teh internets, you can have a random symbol delivered fresh to your browser. Bon appétit! (added to fluff)

23 Feb 06 · · I cannot explain why it's taken so long for me to link to GodChecker, only ask forgiveness. Mea culpa. (added to religion)

22 Feb 06 · · Another portal of machine translation widgets. (added to fluff)

19 Feb 06 · · Other Women's Voices is a large collection of sorted links to works of women writers from before 1700--translations and commentary and all. Go dive in. I can wait a week till you to get back. (added to fluff)

18 Feb 06 · · Another 'net radio link I've been using without linking: the portal of Public Radio Fan. (added to fluff)

17 Feb 06 · · Just because I've been busy playing with Pandora for a couple weeks is no excuse for not getting around to linking to it. Create and train your personal streaming radio stations, starting from artists and songs you like. (added to fluff)

14 Feb 06 · · Another source of Latin texts: IntraText. Imagine I said something witty about archaic uses of the internets. (added to fluff)

13 Feb 06 · · Heigh ho, it's another random fantasy title generator. Unfortunately, it's good. (added to fluff)

12 Feb 06 · · The best way to get to very large numbers is to start from small and work up. (added to science)

11 Feb 06 · · The Literary Encyclopedia is full of useful crunchy lit'ry stuff, not limited to English lit. (added to research)

27 Jan 06 · · Resonata is a resonance widget that's supposed to be doing physics but is surprisingly hypnotic and relaxing. (added to fluff)

26 Jan 06 · · If you're looking for scathing movie reviews for bitchy people, Pajiba is here for you. (added to fluff)

24 Jan 06 · · So maybe it's not yet working, but it's still not too soon to link to the orbital map of where New Horizons is now, as it travels to Pluto. (added to fluff)

22 Jan 06 · · Heigh ho, it's another random fantasy name generator. Only it's good. (added to fluff)

21 Jan 06 · · Do you like Dr. Bonner's soap labels but find reading the whole thing a bit much to take? Try this random statement server instead. Exceptions Eternally? Absolutely None! (added to fluff)

11 Jan 06 · · One more to catch up: Rain by Vach Linds. (new in words of one beat)

10 Jan 06 · · One last one for the time, if a bit late: A Tale of How St. Nick Came to Call. (new in words of one beat)

9 Jan 06 · · And for the bright days just past, Auld Lang Syne by Bob Burns. (new in words of one beat)

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