Larry's Former Pretty Good Web Log

Archive of the running log of links (not to be confused with my blog) I added to my pretty good pages in 2006.

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30 Dec 06 · · The Electronic Canterbury Tales, now with added Troilus and Criesyde. (added to fluff)

29 Dec 06 · · If you want to use a slide rule but don't actually have one, don't worry—there's these simulators. (added to science)

28 Dec 06 · · Get random words fast ... fast like a ninja. (added to fluff)

27 Dec 06 · · "Beware the logical fallacy, my son! / The flaws that bite, the clauses that catch!" (added to science)

26 Dec 06 · · One last religion link for this round of updates: Bible Study Tools. (added to religion)

25 Dec 06 · · The helpful forums at the Origami Database. (added to origami)

24 Dec 06 · · How far can you hurl things with a virtual siege engine? Take the