Larry's Former Pretty Good Web Log

Archive of the running log of links (not to be confused with my blog) I added to my pretty good pages in 2004.

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31 Dec 04 · · World Gazetteer, for when you need to know about that place. (added to research)

30 Dec 04 · · What the Bible says about the poor. (added to religion)

29 Dec 04 · · Wicked Small Games. (added to fluff)

7 Dc 04 · · Ths wdgt dsmvwls txt fr y. (ddd t flff)

4 Dec 04 · · Another site that averages the reviews: Cin-O-Matic. (added to fluff)

3 Dec 04 · · A compendium of Biblical inconsistencies. Many are quibbles, easily explained, but a fair number are substantive contradictions that take work to reconcile with inerrant literalism. Whether you use these for tweaking a literalist or to prepare your defenses against tweakers is up to you. (added to religion)

2 Dec 04 · · Alex's clearinghouse of