Larry's Former Pretty Good Web Log

Archive of the running log of links (not to be confused with my blog) I added to my pretty good pages in 2005.

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20 Dec 05 · · It's not for nothing the Baaaaaby Animals community is called the Pyramid Scheme of Cuteness. (added to fluff)

19 Dec 05 · · "The bright nut casts his torch flames" by A.E. House Man. (new in words of one beat)

18 Dec 05 · · At Buck House by A.A. Milne. (new in words of one beat)

17 Dec 05 · · The Big Man at the Bat by E.L. Thayes. (new in words of one beat)

16 Dec 05 · · Not that PandaFix has anything on Cute Overload. Awww. (added to fluff)

15 Dec 05 · · Back to words of one beat, a verse by Kit R. Lowe. (new in words of one beat)

14 Dec 05 · · I know what you're thinking -- you're wondering where to go for your daily fix of panda cuteness and news. The answer, of course, is PandaFix. (added to