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Archive of the running log of links (not to be confused with my blog) I added to my pretty good pages in 2002.

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31 Dec 02 - Tucson weather from Unisys. (weather)

30 Dec 02 - More good listening, from WarpRadio. (fluff)

29 Dec 02 - Small world states are annotated as footnotes to history. (research)

28 Dec 02 - Darklinks, where all the online stuff that's remotely close to good comes together. Not that there's much. (goth)

26 Dec 02 - All the world's rulers, ever. (research)

25 Dec 02 - Bringing a human dimension to telling time. (fluff)

24 Dec 02 - Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego being elected? (politics)

23 Dec 02 - Where words come from. (research)

12 Dec 02 - When you don't want to stretch all the way to a compliment, there's always vanilla surrealism. Would you like fries with that? (fluff)

11 Dec 02 - No, really--it's insulting. Here's the analysis. (fluff)

10 Dec 02 - What, you can't figure out if you've been insulted?

Idjit. (goth)

9 Dec 02 - Would you like a jazzy trademark slogan to go with your hip new techno-acronym? (fluff)

7 Dec 02 - Pay homage to McGonagall. If you can stomach it. (fluff)

6 Dec 02 - Our artistic Earth. (science)

2 Dec 02 - Look up what money used to be worth. (research)

28 Nov 02 - I'll think of something more to add, really. Someday.

18 Nov 02 - Get geeky news from Geek Press. (fluff)

17 Nov 02 - Sometimes you're a player of games; sometimes you're a learner of games. (science)

15 Nov 02 - It's not just pong--it's radial pong. (fluff)

14 Nov 02 - Pick the hottie. (plain brown wrappers)

13 Nov 02 - For all your layout testing needs, it's random scads of Lorem ipsum. (fluff)

6 Nov 02 - Try a random euh?. I did not name it, okay? (fluff)

5 Nov 02 - Descend through the pretty spectra of all the elements. (science)

4 Nov 02 - Pin-ups from Celeb Daily. (plain brown wrappers)

3 Nov 02 - Wonder at the numerous nuclei of atoms. Marvel at elegance of a physicist's periodic table. (science)

30 Oct 02 - Update your pages to CSS2. (research)

29 Oct 02 - Test physics in these virtual experiments. (science)

28 Oct 02 - Read up in many languages (including English and Latin) at the Bibliotheca Augustana. (fluff)

27 Oct 02 - Learn the skies with star maps galore. (science)

26 Oct 02 - Arts & Letters Daily returns, displacing its erstwhile replacement, Philosophy & Literature Daily. (news)

25 Oct 02 - "Oh stay at home, my lad" by A.E. House Man, put in good words. (words of one beat)

24 Oct 02 - The constellations and their myths. (science)

23 Oct 02 - Look at cool space pictures, another valuable service from NASA. (politics)

22 Oct 02 - Visualize Euclid's Elements. (science)

21 Oct 02 - It's time to admit that I pay attention to Metafilter as well as Memepool. (fluff)

20 Oct 02 - Practice on a couple easy Latin readers. (fluff)

19 Oct 02 - Get addicted to the game of Bookworm. Go on. I dare you. (fluff)

18 Oct 02 - Where in Rome is Carmen Sandiego? (fluff)

17 Oct 02 - A random invention generator. (fluff)

16 Oct 02 - Another source for Latin texts. (fluff)

14 Oct 02 - Translate web pages into various British accents and other dialects. (fluff)

13 Oct 02 - Random entry in the galactic guidebook. (fluff)

12 Oct 02 - Shred the web. (fluff)

11 Oct 02 - Some random words are from foreign languages. (fluff)

10 Oct 02 - Look, there's no point collecting links to every Latin site out there, not when this reproduces the effort of a couple excellent link-farms. It may seem sometimes that I do that, but really I'm just pointing to those places I've found the most useful, with only occasional overlap. Got that? Good.

Meanwhile, here's a summary of all inflections. (fluff)

9 Oct 02 - To replace Arts & Letters Daily (gone 404 as long threatened), Philosophy & Literature Daily. (news)

8 Oct 02 - Get the Metascore at Metacritic. (fluff)

7 Oct 02 - Retarius, a semiannual Latin magazine. (fluff)

6 Oct 02 - Girls in glasses, from Twisted Lens. (plain brown wrappers)

3 Oct 02 - Another type source directory. Given this and the others, I'm taking the opportunity to cull some of the less used/interesting freeware sites. (type)

2 Oct 02 - Multiple translations of the Bible. (religion)

1 Oct 02 - A random blog from Radio Userland. (fluff)

30 Sep 02 - It had to happen sometime: random porn from Search With Porn. (fluff and plain brown wrappers)

29 Sep 02 - Read up with works from IntraText. (fluff)

28 Sep 02 - More Latin drills. (Sorry to dispense these in dribs, but I found them in drabs.) (fluff)

27 Sep 02 - Classics from Perseus. (fluff)

26 Sep 02 - Latin language tools from Perseus. (fluff)

25 Sep 02 - General web tutorials from W3C itself. (research)

23 Sep 02 - An introductory Latin grammar. (fluff)

22 Sep 02 - Nifty display faces: Genuine Letterhead Fonts. (type)

21 Sep 02 - You may want to check out the bad haiku on view today. I wouldn't know why you'd want to but, hey, we run a nonjudgemental web log here. (fluff)

20 Sep 02 - Increase your vocabulary with random words. (fluff)

19 Sep 02 - They may not be lying when they called it 1001 Fonts. (type)

18 Sep 02 - The Greek Mythology Link. (research)

17 Sep 02 - While I haven't explored it deeply, LaunchCast does look to be a decent web radio site. (fluff)

16 Sep 02 - Faces from the Yamada Language Center archive. (type)

15 Sep 02 - Random Brunching Shuttlecocks. (fluff)

14 Sep 02 - Freewares from Divide by Zero. (type)

13 Sep 02 - Desert Dispatches. (main)

12 Sep 02 - Random names for characters, places, operations. (fluff)

11 Sep 02 - For sideways thoughts on typeface design, try Alphabet Soup and the Synthesis Machine. (type)

10 Sep 02 - Latin aid: electronic resources for Wheelock. (fluff)

9 Sep 02 - Sometimes you want to read a livejournal; sometimes, only a deadjournal will do. (fluff)

3-8 Sep 02 - Converted everything to valid XHMTL 1.0 Transitional.

3 Sep 02 - Daypoems. (fluff)

2 Sep 02 - How to organize elections. How to change things (at Move On). (politics)

1 Sep 02 - As the Softy tutorial has wandered into 404, a replacement--though it's not as good, alas. (type)

31 Aug 02 - Convert your favorite proprietary JPGs into portable HTML form with the ASCII-O-Matic. (fluff)

30 Aug 02 - World science news from World Scientist. (news)

29 Aug 02 - You can take that message and L337 it, ASCIIize it, or figlet it. (fluff)

28 Aug 02 - A truly excellent picture for the day. (fluff)

27 Aug 02 - A replacement Qu'ran. (religion)

26 Aug 02 - Wildfire news, too. (weather)

24 Aug 02 - Two more ways to see the bottom of the world: cams at McMurdo and Neumayer stations. (fluff)

23 Aug 02 - Through the power of the Malkovich mediator, you too can be John Malkovich (or be your cat). (fluff)

22 Aug 02 - Another science blog, accidentally omitted yesterday: Bottom Quark. (fluff)

21 Aug 02 - Science blog: Cosmic Log. (fluff)

17 Aug 02 - Wildfire alerts and images. (weather)

13 Aug 02 - A random baryon (not quite quantum). (fluff)

28 Jul 02 - Another random babe. (fluff)

27 Jul 02 - Plots of the current positions of all known objects in the inner and outer solar system. (fluff)

26 Jul 02 - Don't let questions like the nature of dark energy distract you from worrying about the dangers of asteroids passing close to Earth. (science)

25 Jul 02 - A plot of current temperatures all around the world. (weather)

24 Jul 02 - Check out what's going on behind the news. (news)

23 Jul 02 - Logolepsis, anyone? (fluff)

22 Jul 02 - Earth Image of the Day. (fluff)

21 Jul 02 - Getting plainer all the time: Boomis Babes, Celeb Daily, Celebrity Wonder, and Heavenly Celebrities. (plain brown wrappers)

19 Jul 02 - Mudslug's random star. (fluff)

18 Jul 02 - More listening: StreamAudio. (fluff)

17 Jul 02 - To replace one gone 404, a replacement list of the presidents of the United States. (research)

16 Jul 02 - The thing that rhymes with orange. (fluff)

15 Jul 02 - The Digital Club Network. (fluff)

14 Jul 02 - Beautiful women: Celebrity Undergrounds, Celebrity Storm, Celebrity Wizard, Celeb Mine, Boinkable Beauties, 321 Babes, and International Babes. (plain brown wrappers)

13 Jul 02 - An all-Latin dictionary, which is mostly useful if you already know Latin. (fluff)

6 Jul 02 - A couple hotties. (plain brown wrappers)

5 Jul 02 - Random essay, random flaunt. You decide. (fluff)

2 Jul 02 - A random quote server. (fluff)

28 Jun 02 - Added Live365 and BN Radio as replacements. (fluff)

27 Jun 02 - Deleted (subscription-only) and (immanent death announced). Ah, well. (fluff)

30 Jun 02 - Random kicks: celebrity pages. (fluff)

23 Jun 02 - Sometimes, when you get back from vacation, it takes a while to get back to stuff you were working on before you left.

24 May 02 - No, I haven't fallen off the map--I'm just busy with scribbles. Speaking of which, "A Good-Bye: Don't Cry" by John Donne. (words of one beat)

19 May 02 - More free fonts, from typOasis. (type)

17 May 02 - For the best source of news turned to poetry--better even than Headline Haiku--look no further than Unremitting Verse. (fluff)

16 May 02 - Watch out for Dykes. (fluff)

15 May 02 - The Slumbering Lungfish: the weblog of half of The Brunching Shuttlecocks. (fluff)

14 May 02 - When you can't think of a good excuse, say something random. (fluff)

7 May 02 - Finally decided to use @import to hide all style sheets from v4.x browsers, rather than cope with their buggy CSS implementation. So those now get the lynxlike vanilla display.

3 May 02 - Palestine news from Al-Bawaba. (news)

1 May 02 - Comics: This Modern World. (fluff)

29 Apr 02 - The home page (such as it is) for our latest local national monument: Ironwood Forest. (outside)

29 Apr 02 - For evil masterminds who don't have the time to come up with their own--a random evil plan generator. (fluff)

27 Apr 02 - "A Song" ('Ask me no more where Jove then stows') by Tom Care in good words. (words of one beat)

26 Apr 02 - Results of validating weather: A collection of forecast maps and other useful cartography from the NWS. Another way of slicing the models comes from the CRAS section of CIMSS, the folks who also give us useful tropical storm information and wildfire satellite images. Plus a corrected link to the Tucson Clear-Sky Clock. (weather)

25 Apr 02 - Some text adventures from iFiction, plus some Infocom games. (fluff)

24 Apr 02 - For balanced, local responses to the West Bank conflict, squeeze some Bitter Lemons. (news)

23 Apr 02 - When VoxCap goes away, it gets replaced by SpeakOut. (politics)

21 Apr 02 - Latin computer terms: for when you're told to translate your software manual for the Vatican. (fluff)

19 Apr 02 - A daily dose of Boondocks. (fluff)

18 Apr 02 - Springs in the Spring: physics simulations. (science)

17 Apr 02 - When looking at the latest images from Mars Odyssey, you may wonder where Odyssey is now. (fluff)

12 Apr 02 - Correcting an oversight, added the oversite RhymeZone to the poetry-writing links. (fluff)

6 Apr 02 - "The Feast of Christ's Rise, Year One Nine One Six" put to good words by Rich Hort. (words of one beat)

5 Apr 02 - A cam at Scott Station, one of many available through the Outdoor Webcams Directory. (fluff)

4 Apr 02 - Still more words of one beat: "To be Carved on a Stone at Bal Spire" by Yeats. (words of one beat)

3 Apr 02 - A daily dose of Doonesbury. (fluff)

2 Apr 02 - More words of one beat: "On a First Glance at a New Voice for the Blind Greek" by Keats (done by Rich Hort) and "Lord's Day, That Year" by Yeats. (words of one beat)

29 Mar 02 - More babes: the Actress Archives. (plainbrown)

28 Mar 02 - Get all your finest news in one place with Gagpipe. (news)

27 Mar 02 - Politics, religion, plain brown wrappers, the math behind generating Pythagorian triplets, our privacy policy, and the site map. And that's all the main ones--I'll leave goth and words of one beat alone for the moment--so now I can get back to content changes and twiddle the layout as I go.

26 Mar 02 - And now weather, research, outside, and type.

25 Mar 02 - Pages with the new look: fluff, news, and science.

24 Mar 02 - Over the next couple days, I'll be translating this site from a table-based layout to one that uses cascading style sheets. If I've done this right, it should work in all browsers that support styles--yes, even Navigator 4--tho' IE4 isn't cascading correctly; and text-based browsers shouldn't see any change, except possibly for the order of sections. One result: once in place, I can change look-and-feel by editing one file. Another: rather smaller files.

Today, this page and home.

22 Mar 02 - What could be better than 2-D Pong? 3-D Pong. (fluff)

21 Mar 02 - Not an addition, but a deletion: after 3 years and 775 packets analyzed, I'm giving up on SETI@home. (fluff)

20 Mar 02 - Fossil plants. (science)

19 Mar 02 - A random leaf from the tree of life. (fluff)

18 Mar 02 - And remember: ontogeny is not phylogeny. But they are related. (science)

17 Mar 02 - Two more minerology sites for additional reference: Athena's database and Fine Minerals' galleries. (science)

16 Mar 02 - Pictures of odd and ususual galaxies in the Arp catalog. (science)

15 Mar 02 - Study minerals by microscope. Or just study them. (science)

14 Mar 02 - More translation: "I hoed and trenched, dug weeds" from "A West Shire Lad" by A.E. House Man. (words of one beat)

13 Mar 02 - Where would an ant colony be without ants? (science)

6 Mar 02 - Another translation into words of one beat: "A Good-Bye: of Tears" by John Donne. (words of one beat)

5 Mar 02 - Results of validating science, part 3: Take a look at the latest supernovae and discover the importance of supernova remnants. Get some hints for getting started in astronomy. Coo over beautiful auroras. Take some physics tutorials. Find out what spectroscopy is. Learn flint knapping, useful as you range from desert to forest. Identify that flowering plant. Wander through another bio linkfarm. Wonder through another microbio textbook. And, finally, figure out why the heck I'd pair ant colonies with lichens. (science)

3 Mar 02 - Results of validating science, part 2: Start off your day with an earth science picture or a botanical link. Explore the fullness of Martindale's physics resources. Explore the fullness of pi with programs to calculate it. (science)

2 Mar 02 - The morbid fact du jour. Feh. (goth)

1 Mar 02 - Partners in Rhyme brings us a word of the day in limerick form. Mitch Wagner brings us the 24-Hour Drive-Thru Weblog. (fluff)

28 Feb 02 - A useful portal of political resources. (politics)

27 Feb 02 - Don't know what a .dmb file is? Find out from Wotsit's database of file formats. If they don't have it, try one of these speciality dictionaries. (research)

26 Feb 02 - Get a random joke, story plot, comic strip, and advice. Or just play around with automatic Life games. (fluff)

24 Feb 02 - A replacement wind chill calculator. (science)

16 Feb 02 - A new translation into words of one beat: "A Song for Drink" by Will Yeats. (words of one beat)

15 Feb 02 - Finally gave in and added links to blogs I watch: Diveintomark (mainly tech), Pigs & Fishes (politics and tech), Lines & Splines (typography), Lucy Anne's Live (comics), Textism (elliptic daily life). (fluff)

13 Feb 02 - Sometimes, the 'net is just cruel at random. (fluff)

12 Feb 02 - Results of validating science, part 1: A replacement dark matter tutorial. A discussion of the Hubble constant. A better description of the types of galaxies. More about planetary neublae. More places to look for astronomy software. (science)

11 Feb 02 - How plants get used: ethnobotanical databases. (science)

10 Feb 02 - Now you can name that number, no matter how big. (science)

9 Feb 02 - Basic U.S. Census data. (research)

8 Feb 02 - Get ya cute up with a random kitten. Get ya word up with sommat grandiloquent. Come on, y'all! (fluff)

If your Latin's really good, you can write poetry. (fluff)

7 Feb 02 - And in the category of good sites with silly names department: Fontosaurus. Good freeware faces. Goofy logo. (type)

6 Feb 02 - More daily news from the last place on earth: The Antarctican and The Antarctic Sun. (news)

An alternate translation of the Koran. (religion)

25 Jan 02 - Find out what the auroras are doing with two new satellite image sources. Antartica is a good place to watch them, weather permitting. If not, there's a volcano cam--or just stay in with some European literature. (fluff)

24 Jan 02 - Search through at least 5823 public records databases, thanks to Search Systems. (research)

23 Jan 02 - Cosmology is big--big enough people often get it wrong. (science)

Meanwhile, since one collection of deep sky databases went AWOL, here's another. (science)

22 Jan 02 - Is it clear now? Check the real-time data center. Will it be clear tonight? Ask the Tucson Clear-Sky Clock. (weather)

21 Jan 02 - Bizarre stuff you can make in your kitchen. (science)

20 Jan 02 - A few questions about lightning. A few answers about plasma. Okay, so I need to work on my parallelism. (science)

19 Jan 02 - Not just a better taxonomy resource--not just another botany resource--also a history of life. (science)

18 Jan 02 - Political news for every state: Stateline. (politics)

17 Jan 02 - You can observe the sun with a lot of expensive, specialized telescopes--or just use a sundial. (science)

16 Jan 02 - A collection of current solar observations as seen from the ground and space. (fluff)

15 Jan 02 - A better RPN calculator, one of many tasty online widgets you can find on Martindale's Calculator Desk. (research)

14 Jan 02 - Some useful chemistry and physics calculators. Some useful atomic spectral calculations. Some useful Mersenne primes, calculated. (science)

13 Jan 02 - Type design news sources: Type Review, Typographer, and the Lines & Splines web log. (type)

12 Jan 02 - A nebula of astrobits: Try this better (i.e., not 404) list of sites explaining relativity and this better stellar evolution site. Check out these things that inhabit the universe. Read up on the history of astronomy. Get some hints on naked eye astronomy--obviously, things in this Deep Sky Database aren't included. And wonder about the possibility of flying to Mars. One day. (science)

11 Jan 02 - A life sciences dictionary. (research)

10 Jan 02 - A handful of biobits: Read up on linguistics resources. Take these psychology tutorials. Try this other list of online biology textbooks. Sigh at having yet another major botany site. Have fun grazing through this lists of all the genome projects, covering everything from corn to dogs. (science)

9 Jan 02 - Digitally Imported Radio streams a) various subgenres of techno from Europe and b) classical music. Who knew? (fluff)

8 Jan 02 - Paleomagnetism is the record of plate tectonics, locked in rocks. (science)

7 Jan 02 - A better trilobite link. A better dendrochronology link. (science)

A random Talmud quote. A random babe. (fluff)

6 Jan 02 - Advice on creationism versus science. (science)

A storm spotter guide and a storm chase safety guide. (weather)

5 Jan 02 - Questions of physics: ask a physicist, the sci.physics FAQ, or answer it yourself in a virtual lab. (science)

4 Jan 02 - Before visiting, check the weather in Antarctica. (fluff)

3 Jan 02 - Get paranoid with a random urban legend. (fluff)

2 Jan 02 - Find places to find the news with Abyz News Links and the Ultimate News Collection. (news)

1 Jan 02 - Ring in the new year's changes with a better lunar phase site. (research)

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