Larry's Former Pretty Good Web Log

Archive of the running log of links (not to be confused with my blog) I added to my pretty good pages in 2002.

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31 Dec 02 - Tucson weather from Unisys. (weather)

30 Dec 02 - More good listening, from WarpRadio. (fluff)

29 Dec 02 - Small world states are annotated as footnotes to history. (research)

28 Dec 02 - Darklinks, where all the online stuff that's remotely close to good comes together. Not that there's much. (goth)

26 Dec 02 - All the world's rulers, ever. (research)

25 Dec 02 - Bringing a human dimension to telling time. (fluff)

24 Dec 02 - Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego being elected? (politics)

23 Dec 02 - Where words come from. (research)

12 Dec 02 - When you don't want to stretch all the way to a compliment, there's always vanilla surrealism. Would you like fries with that? (fluff)

11 Dec 02 - No, really--it's insulting. Here's the analysis. (fluff)

10 Dec 02 - What, you can't figure out if you've been insulted?